At La Diperie, we dip everything… almost! Here, creativity runs wild. Concoct your own delights by first choosing from your favorite dippable desserts like a velvety vanilla ice cream cone or a creamy slice of cheesecake. Next, the pièce de resistance, a bevy of dips conceived by our exclusive confectionaries. To complete your masterpiece, select from your choice of over 20 toppings.

Sweets connoisseurs have been crafting treats at La Diperie since 2014 when the first store opened in Montreal, Canada. The idea for La Diperie was simple: an original concept with high-quality, attractive, and delicious products. Today, La Diperie has 65 stores across Canada. Now we are dipping on over to the United States, and bringing this unique, and personalized experience to you – dip, dip, hooray!